Hollister Apparel Design

Tee-shirts created for Hollister Co., 2013-present.

Identity Logos

Various Logos created over the past few years.

False Utopia Book Covers

Three book covers for classic false-utopian novels. Parellel lines representing the rigidity of the societies represented in the books morph into imagery relating to the story.

Esther Massry Gallery Exhibition Design

Collateral and exhibition signage created for the Esther Massry Gallery, The College of Saint Rose, Albany NY. 2012-2013

New York State Museum Identity and Brochure

A new mark for the New York State Museum of Natural History brings a fresh dynamism to the image of this institution. The intertwined lines reference the unique architecture of the building, while also highlighting the exploratory nature of the museum visit. An informational brochure utilizes a deconstruction of the mark to guide the reader through prominent features of the museum.

Studio 324 Art Department Newsletter

This project was created by myself and a fellow student to highlight news and upcoming events in the Department of Art + Design at The College of Saint Rose. The project utilized two colors, with intermediary tones anchieved through duotone blends.

Rampant Youth Survival Kit Multimedia Kit

A comprehensive kit to ward off hyper hoardes of children.
The branding is carried out in many forms and across multiple media, creating a unified identity across a variety of objects.

Office Rubbers Packaging and Point of Purchase Display

This project challenged students to create imaginative packaging for a mundane office supply. Through a snappy double entendre and a boatload of not-so-subtle visual innuendo, this packaging and point-of-purchase display provides a good laugh, with a true utilitarian solution at its core.


My name is John. I am a graphic designer who lives, works, and plays in Columbus, OH.
I have a passion for problem solving and a knack for visual communication. In my spare time, I experiment with alternative methods of photography and make noises with my guitar.

Explore and enjoy.


I welcome the opportunity to discuss my work and I am interested in taking up freelance work in my free time.
Please contact me through any of the methods below!